About me

artist in studio
Anna painting en plein air

tommcclung.comHello and thank you for visiting my website! I am Anna Starkova, a wife, a mother, and a fine artist. There are many more roles I play every day but those three are the most important roles in my life that fulfill me as a person.

tommcclung.comArt has always been my biggest passion since childhood. Although I chose business education, I have never let my inside artist down. I have taken multiple classes at art studios and museums, but mostly I learned on my own and I continue mastering my techniques all the time. My relocation from Moscow, Russia to Boston, MA in 2009 was fundamental to me and from that moment my perception of myself as an artist changed and my absolute desire to become a professional artist dominated and I couldn’t hide behind my fears and lack of confidence anymore. I started painting more and more, opening up my soul, revealing my emotions.

tommcclung.comIt’s a great honor to receive several awards and to be selected to participate in many juried art exhibitions throughout New England and New York City. I am also honored to have my paintings in private collections all around the world: USA, Russia, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, UAE, India, and Japan.

Though I love working in various techniques like oils, acrylics, watercolors, and graphite; my focus this year is on exploring the full potential of acrylic paints. I do not limit myself when it comes to different subject matters and enjoy painting nature, still life, and figures equally. Beside realistic manner, I'm also trying to develop my own abstract expressionism style.

I truly believe that art is energy and it’s the artists’ duty to bring the raw emotion and energy to the spectator. My work gives me freedom to create a world outside of reality and because of that I'm able to find peace and exhilaration.